Marseille Figs is a band: Tom Chant, Dorian McFarland & J. Maizlish.

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A free giveaway from the Jumbo / The Long Goodbye EP (2009):

Jumbo (Instrumental) (J. Maizlish) [5.6Mb]

Produced by Jem Finer & J. Maizlish. Additional production & mixing by Brian O’Shaughnessy. Recorded in London and Berlin by Joe Leach, Michigan Flint and Brian O’Shaughnessy, Spring 2009. With special guests: Andrew Ranken (drums & percussion), John Edwards (double bass), Jem Finer (banjo & elec. guitar), Darryl Hunt (bass), Paul Seacroft (elec. guitar) and the Jumbo Chorale.
Figs of London Nos. FOLP-2 [12"] and FOL-2 [CD].

Jumbo itself is only streamable at present:

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From The Dirty Canon (2007):

Low Low Thing (J. Maizlish) [3Mb]
Caesar’s Revenge (J. Maizlish) [4.6Mb]
Good Year (J. Maizlish) [5.1Mb]
Don’t Fall Asleep at the Wheel (J. Maizlish) [4.8Mb]

Recorded in February 2006 at the Art Store Studio, St. Pauli, Hamburg. Produced by Jem Finer & DM Bob. Additional production & mixing by Brian O’Shaughnessy at Bark Studios, London, May 2007. Featuring John Edwards on double bass, Automatic Jack Brennan on drums and Jem Finer on banjo. Backing vocals and electric guitar by DM Bob.
Figs of London No. FOL-1 [CD].

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From the Boum Boum Constant (New Demos &c. 2005) cd:

Staggerlee (Trad., arr. J. Maizlish/Marseille Figs) [3.9Mb]

Recorded at Hugo’s Famous Speaker Palace, Hackney, except Staggerlee, recorded at LMC Studios, Brixton, for Milo Waterfield’s short film Stagger Lee. All tracks produced and arranged by Marseille Figs. Tracks 2, 5, 6 & 7 mixed by Adam Butler.
Figs of London No. PR-0 [CD].

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From the Resonance FM, 9 September 2002 cd:

Sexy (Version) (Stewart/Appice, arr. Marseille Figs) [6.4Mb]

Recorded at Resonance FM, Denmark Street, London,
for live broadcast.
Figs of London No. VM002 [CD].

Andre Street, 7 February 2005

Resonance FM, 09 Sept 2002

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