New Demos &c. 2005 cd

The Figs recorded a set of rough demos at Hugo’s Famous Speaker Palace at the beginning of January 2005. They’re available on a 9 song CD, for the very low price of £7.00 GBP (around €10.00 EUR or $12.00 USD), which includes postage & handling. To order one, just your postal address.
NB: As of January 2007, this CD is sold out.

Track listing is as follows:
1. Me & My Monkey - Jan 2005 Demo
2. Sonny Gone to Heaven - Jan 2005 Demo
3. I Love London - Jan 2005 Demo
4. Staggerlee - Mar 04 [3.9Mb]
5. Pigeonfoot - Jan 2005 Demo
6. My Latest Mistake - Jan 2005 Demo
7. Country Sausage - Jan 2005 Demo
8. Funiculi Funicula - Hugo’s, 07 Jan 05
+ Dirty Little Monkey - solo song demo, Feb 05
All songs by J. Maizlish, except 4 (Trad., arr. J. Maizlish/Marseille Figs) and 8 (Turco/Denza/J. Maizlish).

 Hugo's Speaker Palace, 6 January 2005 Hugo's Speaker Palace, 6 January 2005 Hugo's Speaker Palace, 6 January 2005

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