Resonance FM, 9 September 2002
Thankyou, gentlemen.

 A selection from Resonance FM, 9 September 2002:

 Sexy (Version) - Resonance FM, 09 Sep 02 (edit)
 (Stewart/Appice, arr. Marseille Figs) [6.4Mb]

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Marseille Figs performed live on Resonance FM’s Clear Spot on the 9th of September 2002. Their set included original compositions, appropriated folksongs, Do Ya Think I’m Sexy, improvisations, records and curiosities. The entire programme is available for sale on a pretty looking 79-minute CD, of which there are a very limited number. It can be had for £12.00 (€16.00 EUR or $20.00 USD), including postage.
NB: As of March 2007, this CD is sold out. Forever.

The Track Listing is as follows:
Intro / At the End of the Trail
Cherokee Maiden
Hillbilly Heaven
The Wreck of Old 97
Boxcar Charlie
The Davis Limited
Folsom Prison (Version)
Stand By Your Man
You Are My Sunshine
…Haitian Vacation Song
Sexy (Version)
I Believe my Daydreams
New Orleans
Ma Belle Marseillaise
The Caissons Go Rolling Along
Mansion on the Hill
Happy Two Signoff / Outro

These titles are Figs performances or Mole solos.
Other titles are spun records.








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